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Esmeraldas groaned as her body protested. The chill of the night air made her shiver as she pulled her cloak tight about her.

“Wake up love,” Esmeraldas saif softly.

Delnair mumbled in her sleep and rolled over. Esmeraldas grinned and pulled Delnair’s blankets from her.

“Get up, we have a lot of riding to do,”Esmeraldas grinned as Delnair cursed her.

“Drago wants to make the coast before nightfall.”

“I don’t care what Drago wants,” growled Delnair.

“Stop it please, for me ok?” Esmeraldas said softly her eyes wide and innocent.

Delnair sighed and took Esmeraldas into her arms.

“I’m just worried about you. I don’t trust your father. There is more going on than he says.”

“I know,” whispered Esmeraldas. “but he also is telling the truth.”

“Did you?”

Esmerldas nods.

“He knew I was doing it but he let it happen.”

Delnair scrunched her face as she thought for a bit. “Humans are hard enough to figure out. I’m still trying to get over your father being a dragon.”

“We’re packed and ready to go,” growled Drago as he stepped out of the darkness.

“We’ll be ready,” replied Esmeraldas as she gathered and rolled her trail blankets.

The rays of sun crowned the sharp mountain peaks as it rose. Teran grinned as she gazed into her reflecting pool at the shimmering images.

“You grow desperate Drago. Soon your daughter will learn the

truth. Where will that leave you then.?”

Teran turns from the reflecting pool. “Kreon, I have a task for you.”

Kreon raised his head. Blackened blood trickled down his chest. Teran ran her fingers over the blackened edges of the holes in Kreon’s chest.

“Poor Kreon. It pains me to hurt you in this way.”

Kreon whimpered and raised his head gazing lovingly into

Teran’s eyes.

“Please mistress,” he said from between cracked lips. “I would

do anything for you. Release me.”

Teran leans down her lips brushing Kreon’s.

“Soon my love, soon. Just one more task and you will finally be


Kreon whimpered as Teran pressed his head to her bosom.

“Shhh,” cooed Teran as she stroked Kreon’s damp hair. “Do you love me?”

“Y...yes,” whimpered Kreon fresh salty hot tears running down his cheeks to dampen Teran’s ample bosom.

“Will you do anything for me?”

“I would die for you mistress,” Kreon sobbed his body trembling against Teran’s.

“Look at at me.”

Teran brushed her lips against Kreon’s, flakes of dried blood peeling away.

“I need you to die one more time.”

Kreon screamed as his body exploded in pain, his cries reverberating off the sheer mountian sides.

To Be Continued......
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On March 5th, 2007 03:53 pm (UTC), vintageglamourx commented:
Good chapter, nice description of emotions.

I wish you'd update more frequently, though. I miss reading your poems!
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